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MPPT Power Sharing with Chint 50kWac and 60kWac String inverters


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I have an issue with MPPT power sharing.  each inverter has 3 MPPT inputs. there are 3 inverters total and the MPPT breakdown is this for all 3:


MPPT #1 = 4 strings of 15 mods per string  (540W module)

MPPT #2 = 4 strings of 15 mods per string (540W module)

MPPT #3 = 2 strings of 14 modules per string (540W module)

Remember there are 3 total inverters so I have a total of:

24 strings of 15 mods per string 

6 strings of 14 mods per string


PVsyst is not letting me power share correctly.  it is not giving me the option.  I have experience with power sharing in the past, but i cant get to the screen that lets you move around the strings on each inverter.

Thanks for your help! 




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