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  1. i think i was looking at this wrong. PVsyst is measuring from vertical axis.
  2. hey guys, I need to know if a 120 degree tracking range correlates with the following pvsyst Orientation input --> Phi min -60deg , Phi max 60deg. I feel like it this isnt correct. PVsyst seems to be measuring from the horizontal and looks to have a shallow tracking range when +- 60 deg is being used for Phi max and min. For example, a +- 52deg tracking range is actually steeper on pvsyst than +-60deg tracking range. Thank you!
  3. Is this possible to do within PVsyst? I get this error when i try to model several orientations of carports and activate the bifacial button. The shading scene is complete and accurate. Thanks :!: -Rex
  4. I always have trouble getting the PAN and OND files from manufacturers. They never answer the phones or email. What is the best way to get a PAN file? Do people use the module data sheets and make their own .PAN files within PVsyst? Thanks!
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