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wrong .csv importation on 3d scenario

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to import a .csv file in 3d scenario but something does not work correctly. Even if it is a procedure that I often use, this time I don't understand why it does not import correctly the terrain mesh. As you may look in the following picture, the terrain mesh imported does not match with the panels configuration. The implant seems to be moved from the terrain.   


The original configuration terrain-implant should be something similar to what the next image describes. In other words the terrain mesh (.csv file with different color for the different slopes and inclination of the terrain) occupies almost the same area of the pv implants (it is just a little bigger):


Is there something wrong in the import procedure that I use??? Is there a setting option that I should manage in order to correctly complete this import phase? 

thank you in advance

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Dear C. Amorevole,

Thank you for your message.

From what I can see on the picture the ground seems to be centered on the origin point of the scene while the PV tables are not. I can see two reasons for this behavior:
- When importing the PV tables you used the automatic translation settings. If this is the case you can try to uncheck the "Automatic" parameter and set X, Y and Z translation to 0
- The coordinates of the ground CSV file are not matching the coordinates of the PV tables. Try to see if the software you used for exporting has different options for coordinates

If it doesn't work please send me the files you are trying to import by email at support@pvsyst.com and I will try to give you the correct settings for the import.


Stéphane Degré

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