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Doubt on how Eavail is partinioned between Euser and Egrid


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Dear PVsyst,

I am simulating a "Grid connected" PV system without any storage.

I have plotted different variables in the attached plot.

It is strange to me that at 12h EAvail is bigger than EUser and nevertheless EUser is not entirely taken from EAvil but also an amount of energy is taken from the grid.

In principle, at 12H, all the energy need from the user (EUser) could be satisfied entirely without the need of extracting some energy from the grid. Instead Why is that the case? 

I cannot understand. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 152456.jpg

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You are looking at an average/accumulated curve for the whole month, if I understand correctly.
Simply put: on some days the available energy is not sufficient for the user. Some other days the energy is more than sufficient for the user.
On average, there is more than sufficient for the user, but still some days the user needs to consume from the grid.

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