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Simulation with multiple orientations, dome arrays and bifacial modules


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Hello, I am trying to simulate a fix structure ground mounted layout with multiple azimuths and tilt angles, with a combination of regular arrays and also dome arrays, with bifacial module and complex 3D terrain.

I have been able to run the simulation considering only monofacial modules and maximizing the orientation tolerance so I end up having only two orientations. However, when I define the modules as bifacial, Pvsyst does not allow me to run the computation with this type of system definition.

Is there any way to go around this issue and accurately simulate a system with such characteristics taking also into account the bifacial gain?

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At the moment PVsyst will allow to work in "bifacial mode" only when there is a single orientation. There is no way around it at the moment.
The best, if you can, is to split your system into several sub-systems (different variants) that have only a single well defined average orientation (if the topography is too complex, you can use the tolerance).
Now for domes it is difficult to split the system into two separate orientations (because usually they are connected to the same inverter) and averaging the orientation is usually not very realistic. However for domes, since not much light arrives on the backside of modules, I think you can approximate the situation by staying monofacial, i.e. not activating a bifacial model.

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