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Optimization and batch simulation with bifacial


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Hi, I am having trouble running the optimization tool and batch simulation on a project. I am trying to run these tools to determine the best tilt for the project but when I run the optimization tool it aborts and when I run the batch simulation it only can produce results in a ~2degree range from the Variant's defined tilt. All other simulated tilts have the result of "Error: Your PV system is not suited for the bifacial 2D model computation : " with notes next to it saying " the pitch between tables cannot be zero. This happens if you aligned tables or defined only a single table." and " You should define regular shed array(s) in the 3D scene."

I tried to over come this by opening the advanced parameter "max tilt axis for the bifacial 2D model" but that had no affect.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here. Does anyone have any ideas?



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