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Module Layout - Color selection & Contrast


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I started to work with the module Layout tool recently and I saw a problem regarding with the strings color.


I use to work with glasses and after some hours is really difficult to distinguise colors with similar constrast.

If you are working with the auto attribution there is no problem with the colors, but if you need to do a manual redistribution of these strings (yellow one and clear green one for example) for me it would be more difficult to see the modules of each string in the table.


Is it possible to modify the color of each string? If so, where?

If not, It would be possible to add an option of high contrast colors in Module Layout? 



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Sorry, these colors were chosen for an exposition as clear as possible of the layout. We don't want to modify them.

For the strings grouping:  when in your subarray you define a number of strings not divisible by the number of MPPTs, PVsyst will distribute the strings on the MPPT inputs, in an alternative way.  Here the first MPPT has one string and the secnd MPPT has 2 strings, etc. Now if you want to put th string #3 on the first MPPT and the strings #1 and #2 on the second MPPT, you should do that manually with the right-click of the mouse.

NB: If you want to split all strings you can manually fill the MPPT#1 with another string, and then apply the automatic filling, which should (hopefully) begin at the MPPT#2. 


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