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Sky Diffuse VF for Rear Side


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I noticed something about bifacial simulations for trackers that I think is an error.

If you calculate the sky diffuse view factor on the rear side, you'll notice that the view factor is different depending on whether the module has a positive or negative tilt (PhiAng).

Below is a graph showing the view factor as a function of tilt for GCR = 0.5.  As you can see, the view factor is always higher for negative tilts compared to positive tilts.  This behavior seems to be consistent across all GCRs.  I was wondering if this was intended behavior or if this is an error - to me, it doesn't make sense that the view factor would be different depending on if the tracker was facing east or west.


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This was calculated from the 8760 CSV.

Before running the simulation, I changed the circumsolar calculation to be included in the diffuse component in order to get a more accurate calculation of the rear sky diffuse factor, as I understand that it is by default removed from the diffuse component and added to the direct component.

Then I calculated the rear sky diffuse factor as DifSBak/DiffHor, and plotted the view factors for both positive and negative PhiAng.  The above graph is the result of that.

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