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Use unlimited sheds on the direction tab


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I usually use 3d batch shading to simulate power generation efficiency.
At this time, select the fixed Tilted Plane on the direction tab to recognize the module angle on the 3d layout drawing.
In fact, the way I deploy it is more like an unlimited-sheds type.

1. Please tell me how to get a 3d module layout and set the direction to an unlimited table type when conducting simulation.

2. If you use an unlimited sheds type in the direction, What should I do if there are multiple pitches?



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If you have a 3D scene, in fact you do not need to use the "unlimited sheds" orientation. The "unlimited sheds" is a special orientation that allows you to make an rough evaluation of mutual shadings when you don't have a 3D scene at all. However, if you have a 3D scene, using it is the preferred option. The 3D scene will allow PVsyst to compute mutual shadings and shadings from other objects accurately.

Nota bene: whenever you have a 3D scene that is active, you should choose the orientation "fixed Tilted Plane", and not "unlimited sheds". You do not want to count shadings twice.

NB2: The orientation in "fixed tilted plane" will correspond to the average orientation of the planes.

When using unlimited sheds, you can have only a single value of pitch: this is because it is a rough evaluation only.

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