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Multiple Year advanced sim. - created variants


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when running a multiple year simulation and creating the yearly variants, these variants do not appear in the variant list after saving the simulation.

The list is updated and the created variants appear in the list if i exit the project and re-open it. Probably the list loded into the user interface is not reloaded after the simulation.


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Error still in new version 7.3.2.
Additionally, now when in the aging tool I change the "Simulation every # years" number with the dial arrows, the list under the parameter choice does not change. When I write the number in the box and press enter, it does.

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Hi, two new issues on this topic:

1) IAM loss changes
I created a model and used it as the basis for a multiple year simulation where i generated the additional yearly variants.
Now, while the original simulation results in IAM losses of 0,36% the new variants contain IAM losses of 0,34% for all years. Not a single parameter changes except the resulting IAM loss.

2) Variant names

The variants are cerated with names based on the original one. If the original is "VARIANT X", the variants receive an additional reference for the respective year, like in "VARIAN X Simulation for the year no 3".
However, the name comes out concatenated as in "VARIANT X Simulation for the year no 1 Simulation for the year no 2  Simulation for the year no 3" and so on. This is a long name for 25 years...


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