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Update needed for Table in notes for "Sources of Meteo Data"


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Hi, just a small suggestion to please update the notes on various sources of meteo data in the help section.  There have been a number of changes/additions to this space in recent years including but not limited to PVGIS vs. 5.2 which has improved satellite resolution in Europe to <5km (for SARAH2 model).

Also, there is a new paid data source that might be worth inclusion called SolCast.  Having PVSyst's un-biased view of the benefits/validity of their model would be very helpful to the community.



Summary of meteo sources in Hourly Values.jpg

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Thank you for the feedback. The information on PVGis needs to be updated indeed and necessary changes will be made.

SolCast is already included in line 8 of the table and a dedicated help page is also available, refer to "Meteo Databse > import meteo data > SolCast Data".

We try to keep up to date with the information from each sources, feel free to write to us for any feedback or appropriate changes.

Best regards,


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