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CSV for tariff


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Hello, i have been having a very frustrating time trying to generate a custom csv file for our local tariff structure. The online help section all and all is not clear and varies greatly with other examples online. If some one will be kind enough the point in the right direction on how to actually setup the csv for the attached tariff structure it will be greatly apricated. 

The structure below is for non seasonal change


Then you have the Net metering account Credit Tariff


And the Cost of Electricity depending on your connection size, i understand that for each connection size you will need a custom csv. 


If you look at the tariff structure above, you have "energy charge" in kWh, Maximum demand in kVA, and 2 levies in kWh again. how can i setup this in a csv to that pvsyst can interpret the data correctly and calculate it correctly from kWh or kVA as needed for the tariff structure. Or should i generalize a power factor as standard through out, even though it varies greatly according to the load profile. 


Secondly, just a general question, does pvsyst take into account the effect on power factor for the injection of active power into the grid from a PV system? or is it assumed that the inverters will have dynamic power factor correction activated? 






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Dear JaHu,

We thank you for providing us details of your pricing. 

Currently in PVsyst you can define 2 different daily tariff (Peak / Off Peak), which can be combined with 2 seasonal tariff (summer/winter).

It's not possible to define a third daily pricing, nor a weekday depending price (price different for Saturday and Sunday in your example).

The only way is to use a custom CSV file with all the hours of the year and the corresponding price for this hour. 

However, in your example you have a size dependent charge (maximum demand and network access charge), which is currently not managed by PVsyst in the economic evaluation. You will be able to only define the fix pricing corresponding to each hour (2.290, 1.850, 1.410). For the monthly charge dependent part, a solution would be to create a fixed yearly operating cost corresponding to the total manually precalculated charge for your installation size).  




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