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Bifacial System/Factors for Dual Axis Tracker


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Dear Team,

I am trying to simulate PVsyst with dual axis tracker system. I have selected "Tracking Two Axis " in Orientation and create shading scene for the same. 

But, when i  was considered Bifacial modules and update Bifacial factors for the same. it has showing error as attached sniping shot. 

Kindly help us with this. We need to understand the settings to simulate Dual Axis Tracker system with bifacial modules.







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There are two issues:

  • Most importantly, the bifacial model can only work with horizontal single-NS-axis trackers or slightly tilted axis. It won't work with dual-axis trackers. This is a current limitation of PVsyst.
  • A minor issue is the one shown on the message. When opening System > Bifacial system, you will see the following radio buttons
    • You should select "unlimited sheds 2D-model" for fixed plane orientations, and
    • "unlimited trackers 2D-model" for tracker orientations.
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