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Electrical shading losses version 7.3 vs 7.2

Nicolas T

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Hello everyone,

I've been running a simulation on the version 7.2.19 and the 7.3.1, and the electrical shading losses are different :

7.2.19 : -3.40%

7.3.1 : -4.99%

The variant is exactly the same. I looked at the shading factor tables, they are equal. 

Does anyone know why I have such a big difference ?

Thank you very much


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Hi, we have improved the calculation to account for the size of the bottom cell on each partition. This may indeed change the electrical shading losses. I am however surprised to see that the losses increased. If it's possible for you we could have a look at the variant if you send it over at support@pvsyst.com.
You can export the project via the main window > File > Export projects.

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