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Module Layout Tables do not match Shade Construction


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I am experiencing a problem when I am trying to complete the Module Layout section. I label the tables under the "Comment" field in the 3D structure section. When I go to the Module Layout section, after clicking "Get From 3D Shadings" the drop-down menu still does not reflect the correct table names. In fact, the same table names are repeated up to 3 times in the drop-down list.

I have tried creating a new project with this .shd file but still the incorrect names follow. I really do not want to re-create the shade file.

I have added a couple screenshots to this post.



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I have fixed this problem in the version 6.12, to be released on 23/09/13.

However I see that you have defined a system with 8'500 PV modules.

The "Module layout" construction is really not suited for such a big system.

It is really useable for systems up to, say, 100 kWp.

You should use the option "According to Module strings" for this study. With your disposition in sheds, the results of this option - with a 100% electrical loss - are quite reliable.

See our FAQ How to use the "Module layout" with very big plants?

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