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PVC file export orientations management tool


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In the new release that was published this new year has some issues with Orientation management tool under near shadings. When I export a .pvc file and update my orientations to a single a orientation (average tilt and azimuth), pvsyst throws an error (shown in the image below). Whatever method I try the tilt and azimuth stays at 0. This tool and the same method was working fine before the latest release. Please check this and update. Thanks.


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I did, but the error was to check for the several orientations that's defined in the shade scene. I tried the same in version 7.3.0 and lower and it works fine for the same shade scene, Only 7.3.1 has this issue. 

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I tested this in 7.3.1 and it worked fine for me. 

I imported a pvc file



I set tolerance to 20, then identified



Since I was starting with a tracker variant, i got this message. i went into system, changed to bifacial fixed tilt, then it worked fine. 


I then imported a different pvc scene for fixed tilt while fixed tilt was already selected under orientation menu (instead of starting from tracker variant). it showed 8 orientations, i changed degree tolerance to 20, then identified new single orientation. this is similar to your message



i clicked close anyways with that message and got this  message like i showed before



then pressed update orientation parameters and it worked fine



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your screenshot shows 0 tilt, 0 azimuth, and 0module area. i am assuming there is an issue with your pvc import, or you dont have any modules assigned from within the shade scene. go in and allocate tables to that orientation if possible. 

module image for reference


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I did find a bug, though, @Michele Oliosi. If I delete the orientation, select add new, I get an empty orientation. Double click, add fields, select all tables, and whether I click close or switch back over to the overview tab, the modules do no allocate to then new orientation, it stays at 0/0/0. It seems the only way to add tables to the orientation is to use the identify orientations button (doesnt allow custom allocation), or by right clicking on the empty orientation. 





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Hi @dtarin, you're not the first to report this problem, but I couldn't reproduce it on my end because I didn't go through the double click. Now that I have the correct mode of reproduction (with the double-click) I will be able to fix it for next version.

In the meantime, go through the right-click->Add fields, it works this way

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Hello together,

since we have installed the new version of PVsyst 7.3, unfortunately a problem has occurred. It is about azimuth. Although all modules are oriented to the south, because of the topography, the rows are created on 4 different orientations (as in the attachment). This is problematic for us because the result shows us that modules have a deviation. The 3D file is created by PVCASE (pvc).


Please tell us a solution how to fix the problem?





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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the orientations (nominal azimuth and plane azimuth) for my East/West PV plant, when importing 3D file from PVcase. We planned the project with -100°/80° but when I import the 3D scene and increase the tolerance of the orientations, I get a final E/W orientations of -162.7°/106.1°. This is a huge difference and it does not match the nominal azimuth. We have taken the terrain into account, but still the difference seems very high. Please have a look at the screenshots.





The opposite angles are not symmetric which means that the plant is not considered as East/West. @Stéphane Metz could you please help out? 

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This looks like it is showing an "effective" azimuth. You see there it shows nominal at -100.3, but due to the terrain for the site, PVsyst is calculating something different. This is typical. When you have certain topography, you will not have the same azimuth/tilt as the nominal. 

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