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Multiple orientations


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1. Multiple orientations were established when the module array was placed on top of the terrain. It says to apply subarrays in each direction, can you apply multiple directions to one array?


2.When I pressed Update Directional Parameters, another error window appeared as shown below. How do I solve this?


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You can put up to two orientations in the same (system-) sub-array. For 3 or more, each orientation should be in a separate sub-array.

The only case where you can put many orientations into one, is when dealing with a single nominal orientation on top of a complex terrain with slopes. In that case in the 3D scene, you can change the "Tolerance parameter" from the Tools > Orientation management window and identify the orientations, so that you get only a single effective average orientation.

If you have multiple orientations as in your case: then you should check that each's sub-array's module area corresponds to the area of the modules found in the 3D scene.

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