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Different modules for the same inverter


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I am trying to model a system with 12,969 modules among 6 inverters. About 20% of the modules are 305W and the others are 300W. As you can see this does not break down evenly onto a single inverter, so one inverter will need to have 2 different module ratings. This does not seem to be possible with the multiple sub-systems feature. How could I model this scenario?
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This could be treated using the Mismatch loss.

I intend to provide a tool for conputing the mismatch on a given array using real modules, which will be suited for such a study, in a rather near future.

However if you put all the modules of the same power in a given string, the mismatch in voltage between strings is usually very low.

You can evaluate this by using the tool "Electrical behaviour of PV arrays", where you can define 2 strings with different modules, and analyse the Pmpp of the resulting I/V curve.

With such a difference (5W/300W = 1.7%), the difference when considering 1 "mean" module of 302.5Wp and 2 strings of 300 and 305 Wp will probably be hardly detectable.

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