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Solargis csv file to PVsyst for creating a MET file


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Dear PVsyst,

Tried the procedure in adding the Solargis csv monthly data to PVsyst and even was successful in creating MET and SIT according to the attached photo. However, I cannot find the MET file in the selection. What seems to be wrong? I searched for the MET for the Solargis but cannot find. Please help.

pvsyst help.png

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Please help for claring some confusion on MET, SIT, SYN.MET

1> I have successfully imported Solcast 15 years, hourly data from csv format.

Fifteen . MET files created and One .SIT created


2> What is next step , do i need to use "Synthetic Data Generation" to create  SYN.MET file?  OR

3> Directly go to Geographical sites and use the .SIT file?

4> In "Geographical sites" we are allowed to pick only .SIT.

.MET or SYN.MET files are not available for selection. 

5> Is this understanding correct

- Import 15 Years Hourly TS from Solcast (any other staellite data source)

- Pvsyst generates 15 MET and 1 SIT (Monthly) files

- 1 SIT Monthly file is used for simulation

- I am unable to understand when to use Synthetic Data Generation" to create  SYN.MET file? how is this used in simulations?

- If MET file for the hourly meteo data is used in simulation how is it selected?

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Each simulation needs 1 site (SIT) and 1 hourly weather data (MET) as specifications.
The SIT is used mostly for the geographical coordinates, and some other details, to properly simulate the sun geometry.
The MET is used as the main source for irradiance, temperature, and other hourly weather variables.

When working on a project, you can specify both of them.

There are several types of MET files. A synthetic file (SYN) is used whenever you want to generate a typical year of data, from monthly averages. However, you can also directly use time series files (the 15 you have generated) as input for the simulation. Finally, you can also generate a TMY from the time series, and use this TMY as an alternative to the SYN. Both represent a “typical” weather.

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Dear Michele

Thanks, Can you please confirm my understanding is right from your post above


Used only when we have 1 Year monthly data. This is in .SIT.

From SIT an synthetic hourly file SYN.MET can be created using "synthetic data generation" tab to get 1 Year hourly file (can be used as TMY)


As i already have 15 years Solcast hourly data i don't have to worry about creating synthetic file.

I can directly create TMY.MET from "TMY generation" tab to get Typical 1 year hourly file for final simulation use.TMY.MET


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