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Vmp and Imp RMS disperion values (Ageing tool)


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I am currently researching the topic of ageing photovoltaic parks. In doing so, I came across a problem in PVSyst that concerns the ageing parameters of PV modules. To be more precise, the Imp and Vmp RMS disperion values. Does anyone in this forum have any experience or reference values? Thank you for your answer!

Kind regards,

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You can account for the aging of the PV modules in ‘Detailed losses -> Aging’. This allows you to make a simulation for one specific year of operation. You can also make multi-year simulations in ‘Advanced simul. -> Aging tool’.

PVsyst will not change the nominal power of the PV modules, but simulate with a model of degraded PV modules. This means that the performance ratio PR will decrease with time, since nominal power stays the same, but effective generated power will decrease.

The aging of inverters is not modeled in PVsyst.

For more explanations on how to use the aging tools of PVsyst, please see the corresponding help page : https://www.pvsyst.com/help/ageing_tool.htm

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Hello Lazare,

thank you for your quick reply. I am still struggling to find any empirical data for the Imp and Vmp RMS dispersion values. I have been reading in the PVSyst Help that you don't have much references about the average module degradation. Nevertheless, do you have any recommendations what values to choose for PV parks with a size over 25 MWp. 

Best regards


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