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Available energy Stand Alone vs Grid Tied


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Hello all,

I have a question about the simulation results of two simulations. 

Simulation 01 

Stand alone

4,400 Wp 8 x 550 watt panels

3 x 48Volt 100Ah 

Daily Consumption 10,5 kWh

Location Nabire Indonesia

Simulation 02 

Grid Tied

4,400 Wp 8 x 550 watt panels

Location Nabire Indonesia

The capacity of the PV Modules is exactly the same.

Same panels are being used and also the location is the same. 

Tilt and orientation is also the same.

Let's have a look at the results

Simulation 01 



Simulation 02



When we look at the specific production we see 1668 kWh / kWp / Year vs 1463 kWh / kWp / Year.  How is that posible? The energy generator is exactly the same.

According to me this is impossible?

Because of the difference as discribed above also other numbers are difficult to understand for me.

Produced Energy vs Available Energy = 6440 kWh  vs  7338 kWh How is that possible?  How can you produce more energy with 4400 Wp if the system is standalone

compared with a Grid Tied System?

I hope someone can explain to me.

Many thx

Kind regards






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This difference is due to several reasons : 

- In grid connected, the inverter has effective MPPT inputs to seek the maximum power point

- Stand alone, regulators with MPPT don't have good efficiency.

In the grid connected system, losses and gains are put by default in the tab "detailed losses" it's necessary to look at the two complete reports to visualize the differences.

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