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Failed to generate: Custom weather data file

Jhonny R.

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I have a database (year 2021) of a Weather Station installed in a photovoltaic power plant.

I want to make a comparison of power generation considering the real data of the Weather Station vs the theoretical model developed from a TMY SOLARGIS.

However, when entering the Weather Station data and configuring all the inputs, I get the following error:
"The clearness index of the best clear days is way too high with respect to the clear day model. You can check the values using the "Best clear days Ktcs" graph.
Please check the solarimeter calibration or the units."

I am sure that the instruments are calibrated and the units are correct, I don't know what I can do to correct the error.

Any recommendations?

Error message.png

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Looking at your data it seems that the irradiance values are too high.

First of all please make sure that all the parameters of the import are correct. Try to double check all the units so that they match the units in your measurement.
If in trouble you can also assign a multiplier to each value.

I see you have a time sihft issue, I'd recommend setting the time shift (30' + or -, I am not sure of the needed sign) in the conversion protocol as well.

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