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Tracking ranges (datasheet vs PVsyst input)


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hey guys,

I need to know if a 120 degree tracking range correlates with the following pvsyst Orientation input --> Phi min -60deg , Phi max 60deg.   I feel like it this isnt correct. PVsyst seems to be measuring from the horizontal and looks to have a shallow tracking range when +- 60 deg is being used for Phi max and min.

For example,  a +- 52deg tracking range is actually steeper on pvsyst than +-60deg tracking range.


Thank you!



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Hi in fact PVsyst will compute the angle as follows: 0 = horizontal tables.

But the angle is measured using the normal to the plane, so the angle is measured from the vertical axis to the normal to the plane.

+-50° cannot be steeper than +-60°. You are probably mentioning this because of the drawing on the right of the orientation window. The green lines and red dot are in fact limits for the handle that you see in the middle with a blue line and a red dot (you can move it around to see the range). That corresponds to the opposite to the plane normal. It's not very intuitive but it is there historically, we will change this at some point.

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