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Import project from another Designer


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What is the easiest way to import a PVsyst project from a 3rd party designer

- He has sent me the .VC# file and meteo file.

I realized i need a .PRJ file and create my own under the same file name, this allowed me to access the .VC# files with the same name, but when opened I am missing the inverter file and Module file.

If I had their .PRJ file would this give me the same error?

What files will I need to import their exact model without manually editing any parameters?


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When exporting a project you shoud use the option "Files" / "Export Projects/Components" in the main menu (your 3rd party designer should have done this).

This ensures that all files involved in the project (i.e. .PRJ, *.VCi, .MET file, and components file if they are custom defined) are indeed present.

And you can import this project using "Files" / "Export Projects/Components".

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Dear Andre,

I am running V6.22 and, when exporting projects (using the export project tool), if I open the ZIP file generated, I can only see the ".PRJ" and the ".met" files.

Is this normal?

Shouldn't be exported the components and the variants also ?

Thank you,


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Yes in principle the ZIP file contains the project *.PRJ, the meteo file *.MET, the variants *.VCi, and the components which are not present in the original database.

Please check that your project contains indeed sohttp://forum.pvsyst.com/index.php?sid=9a56d2e74fa0a16b827fcf5adc6152afme saved calculation versions.

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