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  1. Hi, I have a stand alone project with solar inverters (AC coupling) and different string configuration by MPPT. I would like to know if: 1 - Can I use a solar inverter (AC coupling) or only MPPT chargers in stand alone module? 2 - Can I use different string configuration per MPPT (like in the grid connected module)? Thank you, Esteban
  2. Hi, Would there be a way to flexibilice this parameter to use values < 1 day for the autonomy? This might be the financial case for hybrid systems with back-up generators, for example. Thanks, Esteban
  3. Dear Andre, (I have tried to look on PVsyst's help file but had no luck) How does PVsyts calculate the sun position (solar height and azimuth)? Does it use NREL's algorithm? http://www.nrel.gov/midc/spa/ On the other hand, I realized (reading this post: http://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1754&p=4674&hilit=sun+position#p4674) that the "sun's position is taken in the middle of the hour during the simulation". This is a bit confusing since the hourly output file gives o'clock hours. Does this apply to other hourly values like, for example output power? Is the output power at hour 3 the power for 3:30? Thank you,
  4. Dear Andre, I am running V6.22 and, when exporting projects (using the export project tool), if I open the ZIP file generated, I can only see the ".PRJ" and the ".met" files. Is this normal? Shouldn't be exported the components and the variants also ? Thank you, Esteban
  5. Dear Andre, This is happening again (Error #9) but the other way around. It only works if I do not define the 3D shading scene. If I want to run the simulation using the shading scene, it does not work, and same error (as shown on my first message) appears. Thank you, Esteban P.S. I am using V6.11
  6. Hello, I can not find all the available components in the program database at my workspace (C:\Users\\PVsyst6_Data) Whereas in PVsyst program there are hundreds of PV modules, when exporting from my workspace only a few appear... I would like to know how to find these missing PV modules since they are not present in the workspace. Thank you, Esteban
  7. Apparently it is related to the system orientation. PV projects with tracking systems doesn't work.
  8. Ups... it just happened in another 2 projects. I don't know why some old projects work with the new version and others doesn't...
  9. Hi, I found the following error: http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2013/07/24/13072406093425779.png It occurs when starting the simulation. The project already worked, I just updated to version 6.10 and tried to re-run the simulation but the project stopped working. http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2013/07/24/130724061530950717.png It does not affect any other projects. Thanks, Esteban
  10. Hi, I would like to know if there is a recommended "electrical effect" configuration of the shadings for thin film modules. I guess it depends on the orientation: http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1858&context=nanopub I am considering linear losses for portrait mounting. Best
  11. The input parameter "LID - Light Induced Degradation" appears two times in the report at "PV Array loss factors". Regards, Esteban
  12. Dear Andre, I did as you said: - I defined the site conditions in Geographical Sites. - I created the Synthetic file with the "Synthetic Hourly Data Generation" tool. Then, I checked the MET file and the output monthly meteo table does not correspond to the input values for Diffuse. I really do not see what am I doing wrong... Thank you!
  13. Dear Andre, I am experiencing problems when generating the hourly data with the new PVsyst (V6.05). I introduced the monthly data (global, diffuse and temperature) but the synthetic hourly data does not match the monthly and annual sum for diffuse, and that led me to a "diffuse fraction error". It also adds wind velocity which I did not introduced (I guess it comes from the internal Meteonorm/NASA database). I have tried with PVsyst V5.65 and it works, so I have imported the MET files into the version 6. Any clue on what am I doing wrong? Thank you for your support, Esteban
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