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Different string configuration with solar inverters in stand alone


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I have a stand alone project with solar inverters (AC coupling) and different string configuration by MPPT.

I would like to know if:

1 -  Can I use a solar inverter (AC coupling) or only MPPT chargers in stand alone module?

2 -  Can I use different string configuration per MPPT (like in the grid connected module)?

Thank you,


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With stand-alone systems, PVsyst doesn't define an inverter yet.

The user's needs are handled as an energy at the output of the system (DC).

If you want to include an inverter, you should do that externally (in your EXCEL for example), by taking the efficiency into account.


Sorry,  with stand-alone systems, only one sub-array is possible. Therefore one only orientation.

This is a limitation of PVsyst, that we should improve in the next months.

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