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shading and raw spacing


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my panel tilt is 24 degree.

when i do calculation with unlimited shed, i need clarification in following data.

1. what is No of Shed ?

2. what is shading limit angle and how to decide any parameter based on this ?

3. what is the limit we need to kept minimum for shading loss ?



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The number of sehds is the number of rows.

It is useful for the shading factor calculation, as the first shed is not shaded.

The shading limit angle is the limit profile angle, which just begins to produce shades on the next shed (row). It is shown in yellow on the Unlimited sheds definition panel.

The "Profile angle" is the angle of the plane passing by the basis of your sheds and the sun, and the horizontal plane.

There is no minimum for the limit shading angle: it is your choice. However, people usually choose it so that there is no shades in December 21th at 12:00.

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