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HV transformer treatment in multiple variant simulation


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I'm simulating a system that includes one bifacial and one monofacial module type, each set at different pitches, so am running this as two variants and combining the results.  I'm having difficulty deciding how to treat the AC losses.  I have split the POI limit using AC capacity weighting, on the assumption that the output of the two variants will go up and down simultaneously, and the MV transformers can also easily be split because there is one for each inverter.  However, I'm not sure what to do about the HV transformer.  Do I need to split that, too, even though there is only one?  I had originally just entered the full transformer capacities in both simulations, but the monofacial portion is only 1/6 of the total array capacity, so I get an error message

     "The transformer nominal power is far higher than the maximum output power of the inverter."

Aside from reducing the nominal power, the only way I can think of to move forward is to increase the value of the advanced parameter "External transfo: maximum oversizing" until the error message goes away.  Will one of these approaches give me the correct transformer losses?


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