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Different results between PVSyst and Helioscoop


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Hi all, I have a question about the differences in simulation results between Helioscope and PVSyst. The simulation results of PVSyst are quite different. I even have clients who no longer want me to use PVSyst, but who force me to work with Helioscoop. I don't really want that at all. I find PVSyst much more pleasant to work with. Are there others who have experience with this? For example, for a project the following differences. Helioscope 1,190 kWh / kWp / Year PVSyst 1,412 kWh / kWp / Year. Of course, the PVSystems are the same and yet these differences?

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I don't know. We don't use Helioscope.

However to locate the problem, you should  probably compare the results at different stages of the simulation: Meteo data inoput and Irradiance on the PV modules, shading losses, output of the PV array, output of the inverter, AC losses, etc.

I don't remember any recent complaints from users about such comparisons and differences. 

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