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Virtual on grid storage


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Some european energy dealers offer to store produced energy on the grid in a virtual battery so that the client can use it at night or on peak load.

It works this way :

- Every month you rent a virtual storage capacity from 100 kWh to 1800 kWh

- Solar energy produced is self consummed by the client, the excess is injected in the grid and counted , it is not buyed, it is just counted

- If the amount of energy injected is above the storage capacity, the energy is given to the grid

- When client needs more power than the array is producing, it is supplied by the grid but is consumming virtual storage first with no cost

- When storage is empty, it is supplied by the grid


I tried to simulate this by creating a fake wonder storage but results are a bit tweaky. This king of virtual storage has no load time, nor efficiency. Is PVSyst able to simulate this ?


Thank you !

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As I understand, this seems to work exactly like a storage integrated in your system.

The only difference is the battery efficiency, including the charger and discharging inverter losses. You can define high values for their efficiencies. I don't see what you mean by "no load time".

In your case, the cost of the battery  (purchase + wearing depreciation) is replaced by the rent fees.

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