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Confirming Near Shadings Included in Diffuse Shadings for Unlimited Sheds


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Help Menu Navigation: Project design > Shadings > Calculation and Model > Treatment of the Diffuse component > Global calculations on diffuse

Emphasis mine (bold italics):

"""Therefore for each direction, we should evaluate the product of the Far shadings, Near shadings and  IAM loss as parameter for the integral.  Along with the last irradiance loss (soiling, independent on the direction), this leads to a constant global loss factor for diffuse, used for the calculation of the  "Effective diffuse"  component  in the simulation."""

The use of the word "should" here leaves me w/ the question: Would you please confirm that Near Shadings are included in diffuse irradiance shadings? Even for unlimited sheds, i.e., not only for 3D scene modeling? Many thanks.

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