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Modeling Multiple Sub-arrays with the Same Orientation


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Suggest to allow modeling multiple sub-arrays w/ the same orientation. Presently, you get the error "The orientation X is redundant. Do you want to delete it?"

Would eventually like to assign albedos (#1) and shading scenes (#2) to different sub-arrays, even if those sub-arrays have the same orientation. I've already added posts to the PVsyst Forum requesting these two (#1 & #2) features.

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Dear @kjs55

In principle you can have multiple sub-arrays with the same orientation. If you get the error "orientation X is redundant" it means you have defined two different orientations that are the same. But nothing prevents you from setting two sub-arrays to orientation #1 (e.g.) in the system window.

Regarding the albedo yes, that would be an interesting feature for bifacial. Note that albedo in the project settings is an albedo for "around the site" and not "in your site". The albedo below your tables is useful only in the bifacial case, and is defined in the bifacial model window.

For the shading scene, I am not sure what you mean, since you can put all your arrays in the scene, no matter what.

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