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Define Additional (ASCII) Settings in Preferences


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PVsyst > Settings > Preferences > Default values

Would like the option to set Energy units to Watts & Power units to Watts here in this window

Would also like to be able to specify the default date format here in this same Preferences GUI window (e.g., DD/MM/YY vs. MM/DD/YY) -> Same set of date options as in the "Definitions for ASCII output file" GUI window

Basically, it'd be nice if we could define our preferred options for the ASCII output file under this Settings\Preferences window. Then the ASCII definitions window references (obtains settings from) these selections in the Preferences window. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

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Hi @kjs55

Can you tell us a bit more on the need for the Wh and W in the default units ? Indeed most projects to our knowledge are kW based. I remember one example of super small-sized project (a few cells) but in that case the whole interface in PVsyst had problems because of too much rounding.

But yeah that makes sense and I'll add that to the suggestions. However we need to rething the appearance of the settings page beforehand. Not that much place left atm ^^



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Sorry, I must have made a typo. I meant to say that I'd like the option to set Energy units to Watt-hours Wh in this GUI Window #1:

1. PVsyst > Settings > Preferences > Default values

Presently, you do have the option to output data in Watts (Watt-hours), not just kW (kWh), in this GUI Window #2:

2. Grid-connected > Advanced Simul. > Output File > Units

As I said above in this thread, in general, I'd like the settings of GUI Window #2 to draw from the user-defined settings of GUI Window #1.

If you don't want to use W (Wh), then I suggest to remove the option altogether from the PVsyst software program (i.e., from GUI Window #2).

Finally, I'm not sure why the unit in GUI Window #2 says "Power" while the unit in GUI Window #1 says "Energy" (I think this confusion led me to make my previous typo).

Hope that makes more sense. Thanks again.

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