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Fill-Zones with multiple size of tables


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Hi PVSyst team, 

I am wondering if there is a way I can define two different table sizes when we do Fill Zone in 3D scene. A features like this will be helpful in the event we have two different size of table due to site constraints. It can be multiple of same module size, like if 1px28 or 1px56. Is there any way we already have this feature in PVSyst I am missing?  

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thanks @dtarin and @Stéphane Metz

I think I did not did a good job in explaining previously. In the snip below, my table size is 66 modules (2 string), but due to site constraints, we are having 33 modules (1 strings table). In the snip below, I used fill zone for with 66 modules but some part of area (blue circle) cannot not have such long table but instead only 33 modules tables. I can change the table size with 33 modules for all the Fill Zone but the number of tables tracker increases significantly and the simulation takes 5+hours (its a huge site)finish the simulation. 

So I was wondering, similar to "Automatic length' features in Fill Zone, there would be features where we can modify Fill Zone with two different size, in this example, first fill zone with 66 modules table, and area where there is space constraints, fill it by 33 modules table. 

I can definitely create multiple Fill Zone and define the table sizes, but that would take longer time for the project of this scale. So trying to check if there is something similar in your software development queue to add in future 

Thank you! 


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How many of these locations where you need to fill are there? The answer can lead to two more questions:

1) What is the impact on the shading loss? Is it material? Have you captured shading losses sufficiently without filling these areas? If your site is very large (100s of MWs) and the number relatively low, it probably wont matter much. 

2) If the number is low, a manual add would not be very time consuming. Create a block of individual trackers at the pitch, then copy/paste into the areas, and giving it an exact pitch spacing from the adjacent tracker. 


This doesn't answer your question on development queue, but more to provide an alternative perspective/work-around. 

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