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Differences between API TMY PVGIS - PVGIS 5.1/5.2


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Hello everybody! 

I would really appreciate some help related to the following issue between the monthly values obtained by API PVGIS TMY (tool in PVSyst) and the data from PVGIS web:


I noted that the monthly values obtained by PVGIS API TMY do not correspond to the PVGIS 5.1 or 5.2 version.

Why the values are not equal -at least between API and PVGIS 5.1- (in some months is equal or nearly, but, would not it be the same data/results?)

PVSyst is using a different/older version of API PVGIS when importing the monthly data?



Thank you for your support.


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Which version of PVsyst are you using? In the latest version you can import from the 5.1 or 5.2 API, a button allows you to choose between both.

In previous versions of PVsyst, PVsyst was using a given set of years, whereas for a while the choice was not given in the PVGIS website (and didn't match the PVsyst one). I think now you can see the years considered when using the PVGIS website.

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