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Problem with power sharing


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I am used to using the power sharing function, but this time it is not working.

I define my sub arrays


I use the power sharing function (everything works fine)


I start the simulation, but the power sharing is not taken into account, and it is not saved after the simulation is done.



Is this a bug or a miss used of myself?


Thank you for your help ?

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This looks indeed strange. The definitions are all correct, but it seems that the information was not propagated to the variant.

I have not seen this before, would it be possible to export this project and send it to support@pvsyst.com, so that we can check why this is happening?

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I have been having the same issue. While doing the Power Sharing in the SYSTEM Tab, - all seems fine. But after running the simulation the PNOM reverts back to the "non-powering sharing" value.

See my screenshots below



From my experience, it seems to only happen when more than one inverter type is used.

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On 8/11/2022 at 11:25 AM, hcapdevi said:

Yes of course, can you explain the procedure? 
What file do you need?

To export the project, please go to 'Files-> Export projects' in the main window. Select the project and click on 'Export'. This will create a single file with .zip extension, that you can e-mail to us.

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The source of the problem has been identified. We did not handle correctly all cases when you add or remove sub-arrays to a system that is already configured for power sharing. As a consequence, it is possible to end up with some of the sub-arrays that are included in the power sharing configurations, but which are not flagged as using power sharing. The power sharing configurations of these sub-arrays will be reset when starting the simulation.

As a workaround, you can uncheck and check again the box at the top of the power sharing configuration:


This will force all flags in the sub-arrays to their correct state, and the problem will be gone.

We will secure the code such that these inconsistent states cannot happen any more.

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