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  1. Hello, Awie Botes : no the problem the problem occurs even with two same inverters (two 100 KTL) taahxr : no updates for now, the PVsyst 7.2.18 does not solve the problem. I will let you know.
  2. Hello, PVsyst is working on it As soon as the problem is fixed I will post it here
  3. "From my experience, it seems to only happen when more than one inverter type is used." No, in my case, I'm using two 100KTL and the problème is the same.
  4. Yes of course, can you explain the procedure? What file do you need?
  5. I do normally select it (just not here on the screenshot), it has not effect unfortunately.
  6. I am used to using the power sharing function, but this time it is not working. I define my sub arrays I use the power sharing function (everything works fine) I start the simulation, but the power sharing is not taken into account, and it is not saved after the simulation is done. Is this a bug or a miss used of myself? Thank you for your help 🙂
  7. I'm running a simulation with a Kaco inverter, only one MPPT. The project is oriented both South and Nord, I was expecting a lot of mismatch losses due to the only MPPT but no. I only have “0.1%” (the same amount that with a Huawei inverter with 10 MPPT). Someone have an explanation? Is this normal or is this a bug? Thank you for your help !!
  8. Hello, I am testing different inverter on the same project to make a choice. I am testing an inverter from the brand Kaco with only one MPPT. I don’t know how to, or if it is even possible, to create a system with different string’s length on a same MPPT. Since I only have one MPPT I can’t use the multi mppt function. Kaco is telling me that the mismatching losses of such a configuration (different number of modules in parallel string on a single mppt), is balanced with the better efficiency), but I would like to see that myself on PVsyst. Does anyone can help me?
  9. I am afraid to go on Windows 11, I don’t know if PVsyst will work on it. Any one working on PVsyst with Windows 11? Thank you for the help.
  10. Hello, I did the update of PV syst 7.2.9 Now I can't import shading from pvgis The default shading is also wierd Is this a bug from the uptade or from me ? Thanks for the help !
  11. Hello did you manage to do your simulation ?
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