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Modeling two different module using One central Inverter


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I want to simulate using two different manufacturers with different wattage using one central inverter having one MPPT. Can we model it in PVSYST. I know for two different modules we need to make two subarray. I cannot make two subarray because I have one central inverter.

Your help is appercated.


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Add "dummy" mppt inputs by modifying the OND file of the inverter. You can add for example two (2) mppt inputs if it is a 50-50 split, add one subarray with (1) mppt and the second subarray with (1) mppt, which will be equivalent to one inverter. Go into power sharing and allocate it evenly. If it is a non equal split, for example module A is 70% and module B is 30%, then add ten (10) mppt inputs to the OND file, and allocate seven (7) to subarray A and three (3) to subarray B. There looks like a bug though, I am not seeing the information being generated in latest version.


Should there be something displayed @Michele Oliosi? I have an unequal number of strings for each subarray and different ratios, but when I click enable power sharing, nothing really happens.  


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Hi !

We have changed the interface for this tool (because it was starting to show limitations for large systems). Now you need to drag and drop sub-arrays from the right hand panel into configurations.

The procedure is described and shown here:



Btw, the trick of setting dummy MPPTs is quite correct.

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