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PV Pump System Unused Energy Loss

Mohamed Salman

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I am designing a PV pump system as part of my academic project, but in loss diagram i notice that majority of loss is coming from "unused energy" and "converter loss over nominal conv. power". Can i know what parameters affect these two losses, how can i reduce this. 

I have attached the loss diagram for your reference. 

Hoping to hear from you soon!


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Converter Loss over nominal converter power: this indicates that for several hours in the year your DC power is higher than the AC nominal power of the inverter. Therefore you are suffering from clipping losses. To reduce this, either reduce the DC power by decreasing the number of PV modules, or use a converter with more nominal power.

Unused energy: this indicates hat for several hours in the year your system has available electrical energy that is unuseable because the tank is full. This may be due to having oversized the PV system, which provides too much energy. But it depends on your design choices; you may for example try to ensure that the pump will always function by oversizing the PV system.

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