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System Output Power Distribution incomplete

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Sometimes, with no apparent reason, in a theoretically properly dimensioned system, I get these notches in power distribution in the higher part. This Power Output histogram belongs to an 10 MWac limited system with a little over 10,5 MWp Bifacial modules in a tracking system. This also comes together with an Inverter Power Loss which I fear may be incorrect. The amount of inverter power is quite high because of AC control requirements, so this lack of high power bins should not be there at all, to my best understanding. The multi mppt simulation feature is ON, an because of it I do get a warning that the inverter inputs are used "unevenly": e.i. There are some mppts in the system working with just 1 string connected to them while many others are filled with 2 strings. This should be no reason for any power loss at all, unless input current to mppts is overpassed, which I've made certain is not the case. I'm using the same inverter with different modules in this simulation.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-04 a la(s) 07.16.35.png

Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-04 a la(s) 07.15.33.png


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