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PVsyst crashes when loading a "grid unavailability profile"


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Good morning,

In a grid-connected system, when using storage with a "Weak grid islanding" strategy, we have the define a grid unavailability profile. We can generate it randomly and export it as file, which is great, or create a file of our own. For the test, let's us export a file and try to reload it. A CSV file is created/exported, as seen on the picture below.



So, we can try to load the file by selecting "Input mode" -> "Defined from a file", as seen below, then click OK, everything normal until here.



But then, if I go back to Storage (to change a SOC threshold value, or the sizing of the battery pack for instance), then the software crashes... systematically.

Hope this can help to identify and solve the problem.




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On 9/1/2022 at 4:30 AM, julmou said:


Thanks for the reply.

I tried again and it seems it's not occurring anymore. Perhaps one of the new version, since June, fixed it.

I will notify if it happens again, but for now it seems to be all good.

Dear Julmou,

This issue has indeed been fixed in the last version of PVsyst (7.2.18)

Kind regards.


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