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Why is the Global incident in coll. plane more than +14% in my sumilation report while the normal value is around -0,70%?

S Groenveld

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I have a question regarding way too high Global incident in coll. plane after simulating one of our projects I'm working on. In this project the factor stated above seem to be far too high since normally this is normally about -0,70% and now it is more than +14%. This is seen on page 7 in the simulation report. This is not the first time happening in recent time and I would like to know why this occurs and how I could get rid of this? Thank you in advance.


Stijn Groenveld


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Hi Stijn,

That 14% seems quite correct. This is the gain you get from being on a tilted plane (22° tilt, 14° azimuth from your project) medium latitudes, with respect to being on the horizontal plane. I am not sure where the 0.7% value comes from, maybe this is the case at other latitudes.

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Thank you for your answer. This particular project is in the town Hilversum, Netherlands where the lat is around 52°. This project is a project with panels laying in the south direction, while normally we do project where the panels are in an East-West configuration. Therefore my question about what I would 'normally' see in the results. In the pictures added is a simulation report from one of our more standard projects and here you can see the -0,69% Global incident in coll. plane I was talking about. Do you know why PVsyst gives me this percentage? 
Is this a correct value and if not, do you know how it should be or how to get this? Thank you in advance.
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