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Inverter Limiting/Clipping


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This is my first post, so would just like to say to everyone!

I have a query that I was hoping someone could possibly help me with!

I want to generate a graph to show inverter clipping/limiting, basically we have a site that has permission to connect 1.3MW but we want to look at the feasibility of installing 1.6MW of panels and using the inverters limiting function to clip to 1.3MW. I would also like to see a comparison of units generated at 1.3MW unclipped and 1.3MW clipped? Is this even possible??

Something like this!





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You can get a plot of the clipped output in the results, using button "Hourly graphs". You can get here plots for any of the variables accumulated in hourly values during the simulation, including of course E_Grid.

However PVsyst doesn't provide both curves at different powers in the same simulation.

For this you should perform 2 different simulations with different installed powers.

You can create CSV files of hourly data, for both simulations. Then you can analyse (merge) these files, and do the plots in EXCEL

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