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  1. Which variable do you need to check on the list to see the inverter clipping?
  2. oh okay thank you! And to answer your question about the measurement setup: we measure the air temperature, wind speed, GHI, POA from both sides of the solar panel and the module temperature. The POA instrument is directly in the plane of the panels and the temperature sensors are glued to the panels. Temperature , wind and GHI are simply measured in the field. GHI and POA are given in W/m².
  3. Hi I'm sorry for my late answer. I was waiting for a respond of my collegue (who measured all the data) to give you some more info about the measurements setup. I hope to receive the info soon. Thank you for noticing but why is it not smart to module degradation at year 20?
  4. Hi, Is it not possible to use the orientation 'several orientations' with bifacial modules? Greets Yoline
  5. Hello everyone, Is it possible to import your own measured albedo values in PVsyst?
  6. Now I ran a simulation with my own data data for the months of July and August. Now I do come up with a PR value that is smaller than 1. How is this possible?
  7. I understand. :) How can I calculate the correct PR-value? Thank you very much!
  8. Thank you for your answer. Yes, it is a vertical bifacial system. I was wondering, how is it possible that the global inc is negative?
  9. Hi, Sorry for my late respons. Didn't receive an notification of your answer. I'm not able to upload my report files ( I don't know why?), so here are images of my project report: This is my file:
  10. Hello everyone! When i'm analysing my results of my simulation, I get an PR value greater than 1. But in practice that's not possible. Can someone explain how it is possible that I get an PR value greater than 1? Kind regards Yoline
  11. Hello everyone I'm performing an economic evaluation in PVsyst. But i have a question about the global installation cost per module/per inverter and the cost for grid connection. What exactly should be entered here? Kind regards Yoline
  12. Hello everyone I have currently created a PV project and run a simulation. However when analyzing the results of the simulation I noticed that my performance ratio has a value of 171%, which is basically impossible. The report of my project is in attached file. Could anyone help me? Kind regards Yoline
  13. Dear We are two master students at the KU Leuven university in Ghent. Currently we're finishing our thesis; the evaluation of bifacial single axis solar tracker and the evaluation of vertical bifacial solar panels. On the basis of PVsyst we will compare the measurements on the set-up itself. On the setup, we are measuring: inverter powers, GHI, windspeed en winddirection. What other parameters do you recommend for the comparision between the measurements and simulations? And lastly, how exactly do you represent this equation? Yours sincelery Yoline Vandeerstraeten Emma Vanoverschelde
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