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Comparing variants in a table


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I have just used the compare reports tool and found it very helpful.

I wonder if a similar tool could be used to tabulate variants in a project with user-determined columns. This could be both inputs and outputs.

This would allow quick sense-checking of, for example, consistency of input parameters between variants particularly when maintaining several "live" options in parallel. For example, "have we set the DC ohmic loss correctly for each variant". There are of course a lot of parameters so the user would have to select which to show, and perhaps only summaries could be provided for some sections such as providing total DC and AC rating of a system with multiple subarrays.

Obviously this can be done "manually", looking at each report in turn, but is time-consuming and hence error-prone.

It would of course also be helpful when producing reports for clients.

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Dear jammyc,

Thank you for your suggestion. Such functionality is not implemented yet in PVsyst.

However the batch mode tool may partially meet your needs and looks like what you are describing.

Indeed, you can specify different variants and parameters as input of the batch mode and get the predefined output variables in a CSV file


We have taken into account your suggestion and we will study it.

Thank you.

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Thanks but that doesn't quite achieve the objective which would be to tabulate / compare the inputs, especially if those inputs aren't available for modification in batch mode. I was primarily considering it as a "pre-flight check" before initiating simulations, issuing reports etc.

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