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Good morning,

In the Help > Project Design > Shadings > Near Shadings: 3D construction > Object types > Tracking planes, in the last paragraph "Array of trackers", one of the sentences bothers me.


The mutual shadings are related to the pitch and the width of each tracker, or more specifically to the ratio  width/pitch, which is more or less represented by the "Ground Coverage Ratio"  GCR. The lower GCR, the higher shading losses.

I think it should be, the higher GCR, the higher shading losses (i.e. lots of ground covered, more shadings), or retrospectively the lower GCR, the lower shading losses (i.e. low GCR -> not much ground covered by collectors -> i.e. lots of space between trackers -> less shading)

high coll. width -> more shading -> higher GCR = width/pitch

high pitch -> more space between coll. -> less shading -> smaller GCR = width/pitch

Hence, the higher GCR, the higher shading losses.

Is that correct? Let me know if I'm wrong


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