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Good morning,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I give an azimuth (e.g. 5 degrees) to my one-axis N-S horizontal tracker, shouldn't the sketch adjust, in the Orientation section, so that we see the angle between the module and the South? Just like with the "Fixed Tilted Plane".

Instead, we just see the size of the module changing, which, in my mind should be what's happening when we give a tilt to the axis (seen from the sky, the module area appears smaller). But again, if we just give an azimuth to our N-S axis/system, shouldn't the module (and the tracker axis) have this azimuth angle, relative to the South, reflected on the sketch/diagram in the right top corner?



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I would like to ask about following case. When I set the azimuth of the axis -36 degrees. And click on the drawing on the right corner it shows following:


When I click second time it shows that.


Please let me know if that is a kind of a bug and does this reflects to my simulation.

thank you

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