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Lower shading losses in 7.2.14


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When re-running a project (initially created in 7.2.6) in 7.2.14 using the fast simulation method, the near shading losses are 0.34% lower (tracker site in Maryland, USA). Can PVsyst provide any information on where the change might have occurred with some context? I have found the following in the release notes. 0.34% for a utility scale project is not a small number. Without being able to parallel install subversions, it is difficult for users to properly track changes to production due to changes in the software, and continues to be a problem. As such, I cannot run detailed comparisons with full variable export in 8760 without having to now uninstall and downgrade to 7.2.6, then reinstall back to 7.2.14. 


7.2.10 - Shadings: a small diffuse shadings correction was added for negative tilts.

7.2.12 - Simulation of trackers: irradiance optimization is now taken into account in the calculation of diffuse shading

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The 7.2.10 change impacts the albedo shading integral. Previous to the update there were no shadings on the albedo contribution for negative tilts. This has a tendency to slightly increase the shadings value so I don't think this is the source of the error.

The 7.2.12 change only kicks in if you had selected "irradiance optimization" below the "backtracking" option in the orientations window. If you were using the irradiance optimization, this may be the reason for it.

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