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Partial shadings calculation


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I am trying to use the parital shading calculation tool for the first time. I have put roughly a third of the tables in my scene (imported from Helios3D) into the Partial Shadings Selection group, and the system definition matches this group. However I now can't run the scenario because the area of the 3D fields is far larger than the area of the modules defined in the subarrays.

I note in previous forum posts that the tables should change colour when they're put in the group but I've not noticed that happening.

Any suggestions?

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The system definition should match the entirety of the scene.

To be accurate the partial shadings tool is really to be thought of as a subset of tables that will represent all tables in the scene for the purpose of shading calculations only.
It does not allow to perform a partial simulation (over just part of an array).

Indeed, currently the tables do not change colour. We need to fix that.

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