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PV Array Characteristics/ At Operating Condition (temp)

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I am wondering if the AT OPERATION CONDITION under PV Array Characteristics has any impact on production with different temperatures? I have spoken to a few different colleagues and have received many different answers. 

Please see attached. 


Thank you


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During the simulation, PVsyst considers the current temperature of the PV modules, which may be any value. The production takes into account these temperatures differences based on the one-diode model.

The specific value at operating conditions (for you 22°) is just an example value, it doesn't really affect the simulation per se.

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Thank you for the response. 

"It does not affect the simulation per se." That is not a definite "no." If the module is hot, will not be less productive? For example; if we used 50C, that would not affect the simulation compared to the 22C? 


Thank you again

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Sorry my answer was not so clear.

In the simulation, the temperature of the modules at a given hour is taken into account automatically of course. Meaning that if the modules at a given hour are hot, then they will be less efficient. (This is not affected by chosing 22 or 50.)
This is what I meant by follow the one-diode model. You can find more information here https://www.pvsyst.com/help/pvmodule_corrtemper.htm

The second part of my answer just meant: there is nothing special about "22°" in particular, and the choice of "22°" in particular in the project settings dialogue will not affect the simulation. It is just an example of a characteristic temperature (which in fact seems quite low in your case, maybe a choice due to low ambient temperatures).

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